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Girl Talk – Triple Double

Girl Talk - All DayMP3: Girl Talk – “Triple Double” from All Day, available for free from Illegal Art.

You’ve probably heard about this album, but in case you haven’t bothered to listen to it yet, check out “Triple Double” to see what Gregg Gillis is up to. He’s released the full list of the album’s 373 samples, but Wikipedia helpfully breaks them down per song. Here is what makes up the above track:

0:00 – 0:12 BeyoncĂ© – “Diva”

0:00 – 1:27 Phoenix – “1901”

0:07 – 1:20 Ludacris – “How Low” (portion sampled samples “Bring the Noise” by Public Enemy)

1:21 – 1:31 SupaSTAAR ft. Gorilla Zoe and Yung Joc – “Head ‘N Shoulders”

1:28 – 1:30 Keri Hilson ft. Lil Wayne – “Turnin’ Me On”

1:31 – 1:31 Blondie – “Dreaming”

1:31 – 2:42 Joe Jackson – “Steppin’ Out”

1:32 – 2:54 Lil Wayne – “A Milli”

2:42 – 2:43 Nirvana – “In Bloom”

2:54 – 3:25 Crooked I – “Everythang”

2:56 – 3:24 Neil Diamond – “Cherry, Cherry”

3:36 – 3:36 50 Cent – “Wanksta”

3:36 – 5:01 Devo – “Gates of Steel”

3:48 – 4:47 Ice Cube – “It Was a Good Day”

5:01 – 5:04 Drake ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem – “Forever”

5:04 – 5:06 Willow Smith – “Whip My Hair”

5:05 – 5:06 The Bangz ft. New Boyz – “Found My Swag”

5:07 – 6:22 The Rolling Stones – “Paint It Black”

5:08 – 6:27 Wiz Khalifa – “Black and Yellow”

5:16 – 5:18 The Young Rascals – “Good Lovin'”

6:23 – 6:25 Van Halen – “Jump”

6:26 – 6:27 Fine Young Cannibals – “Good Thing”

Fair use, baby!

Girl Talk: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, eMusic, MOG, wiki

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Public Enemy's Hank Shocklee Talks

Bring the NoiseTime Out Chicago talks to Public Enemy founder/producer Hank Shocklee about the formation of the group: Shock on the system.

Our library was ridiculous. We would pull out breaks from the Turtles, Alabama and Level 42. We were just looking for anything that had that kind of hip-hop kind of vibration. Hip-hop was not a particular style of music, but a vibration. One thing that’s happened today, people look at hip-hop as a style of music. Anything that gave you that hip-hop feel was game–classical, jazz, country, folk. People don’t even know, Sesame Street had the biggest hip-hop record before hip-hop. “C is for Cookie” had a break in the middle of it. We would get two copies and rock that like crazy.

Public Enemy is performing their seminal masterpiece, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, live at the Pitchfork Music Festival on July 18 in Chicago. Unfortunately, Hank Shocklee won’t be there. Believe the hype—it’s a great album.

Time Out also talked with Chuck D: Relive the hype.

Rhymefest vs. Michael Jackson

Man In The MirrorGreg Kot (of all people!) tipped us to a legally dubious project by South Side Chicago rapper Rhymefest and producer Mark Ronson:

The release is musical contraband; it flouts copyright law and freely dips into the Jackson back catalog for source material, including a trove of audio interviews. It rearranges this material into a fascinating virtual collaboration between two artists of different generations who have never met. Gimmicky as it sounds, sparks fly. Jackson hasn’t had such a provocative and inspired collaborator since he was working with producer Quincy Jones — back when “Thriller” reigned.


Rhymefest – “No Sunshine” [prod. by Emile]

Rhymefest – “Man In The Mirror” (ft Michael Jackson)

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Blue Note Drops Some Science

Speaking of jazz, if you’re a fan of classic hip-hop you might be interested in an upcoming compilation from Blue Note that collects some of the label’s most heavily sampled source material.

These innovative hip hop artists and beyond did their part to bring to light some of the gems of the Blue Note catalog. Yet, these tracks deserve to be heard in their entirety; complete with ripping Lonnie Smith organ solos and David Axelrod produced sound-scapes. Blue Note’s aim is to re-introduce these classics to the public and to highlight the innovative ways in which these artists and producers utilized jazz material in their work.

Droppin’ Science is due February 12. Track list and the songs that sampled them after the jump…

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