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US to Dandies: Fuck You

No, not those Dandies, a real dandy! It’s not really music related, but strange and fascinating just the same—the United States customs service denied entry to an avowed British dandy. Yes, a dandy, like you see in old timey books and movies. Imagine Tim Roth in Rob Roy without the sword and a bit more of the femme style.

British writer and self-styled dandy Sebastian Horsley was denied entry to the United States after arriving to promote his memoir of sex, drugs and flamboyant fashion.

Horsley said he was questioned for eight hours Tuesday by border officials at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey before being denied entry on grounds of “moral turpitude.”

Moral turpitude? Can that be a real exclusion? It’s like being arrested for “disorderly partying,” a charge with which a GLONO contributor was actually accused back in the day.

Horsley was traveling to New York for the U.S. launch of “Dandy in the Underworld,” his account of a life dedicated to sex, drugs and finely tailored clothes. Apparently, he was sporting a top hat and long velvet gloves.

“My one concession to American sensibilities was to remove my nail polish. I thought that would get me through,” said Horsley.

I guess we now know why Babyshambles can’t tour the US.

'allo guvna!

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