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Does Selling Out Still Matter?

Over on Hitsville, Bill Wyman explores the concept of selling out, and seems frustrated that people no longer seem to differentiate between pop music and rock and roll: The extent you care about this in directly related to whether, as a matter of first principles, you believe that rock and roll holds a special place … Continue reading Does Selling Out Still Matter?

Iggy Pop Peddles Insurance

The BBC News Magazine examines the “science” of selling out concerning recent British spots featuring punk pioneers Iggy Pop and John Lydon. Ad: Iggy Pop’s insurance commercial Ad: John Lydon’s butter commercial Gee, I wonder why they don’t show these ads in the States?

of Montreal Sells Out Again

of Montreal is being featured in another commercial, and this time frontman Kevin Barnes is getting all defensive in advance of the inevitable backlash. The term “sellout” only exists in the lexicon of the over-privileged. Almost every non-homeless person in America is over-privileged, at least in a global sense. Obviously, I’ve struggled with the concept. … Continue reading of Montreal Sells Out Again