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New Sheryl Crow video: Roller Skate

Video: Sheryl Crow — “Roller Skate” Sheryl Crow – Roller Skate (Official Music Video)Watch this video on YouTube From Be Myself, out now on Warner Bros. It’s cool to see Sheryl Crow skating around the da Vinci Horse (by sculptor Nina Akamu) at Meijer Gardens in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In fact, all … Continue reading New Sheryl Crow video: Roller Skate

The Dale Earnhardt Tribute Concert: What Drives America?

Dale Earnhardt’s death toward the finale of the 2001 Daytona 500 cut short the life and career of a guy who not only transformed the style of NASCAR with his ruthless driving skills, but was one of the sport’s most prominent, respected, and marketable faces. Indeed, in the weeks and months after his death, Dale … Continue reading The Dale Earnhardt Tribute Concert: What Drives America?

Just Listen

I Generally, we write about music here on GloNo, as many people tend to do. And while one might think that writing about music takes music as its direct subject, the preposition really works more in the context of location. That is, when I write about music, generally speaking it is in the vicinity of … Continue reading Just Listen

Rites of Spring

Long-time poster and GLONO friend, Helen Wilson, conjures up a little spring fever at Chicago’s beloved Old Town of Folk Music. Rites of Spring The power of music and the change of season breathes new life into the dead of winter. By Helen W. Wilson I never thought I’d be rockin’ out to Sheryl Crow … Continue reading Rites of Spring