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The Smiths – Complete

It’s impossible for me to separate The Smiths’ music from my strong personal connection to it. The Smiths were the first band that truly connected me with a world outside of where I had been before. From art, to humor, to the morose, to loneliness and isolation, the music touched me. I came to find … Continue reading The Smiths – Complete

7 Worlds Collide – The Sun Came Out

7 Worlds Collide - The Sun Came OutMembers of Crowded House, Wilco, the Smiths, and Radiohead get together and record an album for charity.

Johnny Marr’s Five Fave Singles (ft. Johnny Marr)

Johnny MarrJohnny Marr reveals the five singles featuring his own work that he would put in his own jukebox…if he owned a jukebox…which he doesn’t.