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New Sondre Lerche video: Siamese Twin

Video: Sondre Lerche — “Siamese Twin” Sondre Lerche – Siamese TwinWatch this video on YouTube From Pleasure, originally released in March on PLZ and being reissued November 10 on Analog Spark. This is the fourth video the Norwegian wunderkind has released from his ninth studio album. You can watch the three previous videos below. They … Continue reading New Sondre Lerche video: Siamese Twin

New Sondre Lerche video: Lucky Guy

Video: Sondre Lerche -- “Lucky Guy”

Sondre Lerche - LUCKY GUY (official video)

It’s hard to believe I’ve been listening to Sondre Lerche for over ten years. Seeing him at the Double Door in Chicago on his Two Way Monologue tour is still one of my all-time favorite concert experiences. The way he connected with the audience was something that went far beyond his heartthrob status at the time. He’s dreamy, for sure, but he’s also super talented and ambitious and he’s never stayed in one spot musically for too long. I saw him a few years ago at Hope College (Sufjan’s alma mater) where he was busting loose with some totally skronky lead guitar action.

This song, “Lucky Guy,” is stripped down and lovely.


Sondre Lerche – Heartbeat Radio

Video: Sondre Lerche – “Heartbeat Radio” MP3: Sondre Lerche – “Heartbeat Radio” from Heartbreak Radio, out now on Rounder. It’s nice to see he’s getting away from the genre hopping of his last couple of releases and getting back to what made us love him in the first place: lush, orchestral pop music with clever … Continue reading Sondre Lerche – Heartbeat Radio