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The Shins Cover Squeeze: Goodbye Girl

MP3 link (for your email): The Shins – “Goodbye Girl” (Squeeze cover)

Hey look, the Shins are back. James Mercer gets out of Broken Bells mode to cover a 1978 Squeeze song for Levi’s new Pioneer Sessions project where they get a new-ish band to “re-craft the classic songs that inspired their sound.” Cool idea. They’ve had She & Him covering a Johnny Mercer standard, Nas covering Slick Rick, etc.

Pitchfr0k points out that for this new Shins recording, Mercer was “joined on guitar by longtime Shins guitarist Dave Hernandez, on drums by Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, Black Heart Procession), and on keyboards by producer Sean Flora.”

The Shins: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

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Lost Classic: Squeeze – Argy Bargy

Squeeze - Argy BargySqueezeArgy Bargy (A&M)

In high school, I worked as a lifeguard for the municipal pool during the summer months. The managers were usually a few years older than the guard staff, so every year they would come back from college during summer break and tell us how awesome university was while tempting us with their driver’s licenses and breaking out some bullshit pool hierarchy whenever we underage drinkers asked for a hand in buying some booze.

One of the things that they did share with us was the occasional mix tape featuring “college music” and other tracks from what students supposedly listened to while they were away from home, their cabinets filled with plastic Chinet plates, Graffix bongs, and copious amounts of Everclear grain alcohol.

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