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“They Got the Steely Dan T-shirts. . . .”

A friend who moved out of state keeps tabs on what’s going on in Michigan as those moving from one place to another are wont to do. Whenever I’m in a hotel and get a copy of USA Today outside the door I always look at the weather for Illinois, even though it has been … Continue reading “They Got the Steely Dan T-shirts. . . .”

What’s In a Name?

Walter Becker died on September 3, 2017, from esophageal cancer. Now Donald Fagen is suing his estate. [Update: Becker’s estate responds.] The issue, it seems, is the name “Steely Dan.” Or whatever that is. The two had signed what is known as a “Buy/Sell Agreement” after the band formed in 1972, which essentially lets one … Continue reading What’s In a Name?

Steely Dan Alive In Detroit

Fox Theater, July 27, 2013 “Hey Nineteen That’s ‘Retha Franklin She don’t remember The Queen of Soul It’s hard times befallen The sole survivors She thinks I’m crazy But I’m just growing old”—Becker & Fagan, “Hey Nineteen,” Gaucho. I suspect this may be the last time that I see Steely Dan in concert.  And the … Continue reading Steely Dan Alive In Detroit

Letter from Steely Dan to Luke (and Owen) Wilson

Hey Luke Wilson – A letter from Steely Dan wherein they accuse Owen’s new movie of ripping off their “Cousin Dupree” (lyrics). “Your bro may be creating an extremely retrograde reality matrix for himself with his whole sellout moveistar game and there may be some righteous dudes to pay, amen.” Good to see they’re still … Continue reading Letter from Steely Dan to Luke (and Owen) Wilson


Recently on GloNo, the point was made that Steely Dan was arguably the best Drug Rock band of the 70s. While I won’t dispute the point, it raised another question in my mind: what happened to Drug Rock? What a long, strange trip it’s been… Where are the blacklit rooms, adorned with florescent wall posters … Continue reading THE DRUGS DON’T WORK (Anymore…)

Radiohead vs. Steely Dan

Why you gotta do the Dan like that, guys? Arguably the best drug rock band of the 70s (other than Camel, right Phil?), with a sound that is always amazingly contemporary, even now. As we all know, Mary Jane never goes out of style. Sure, they didn’t deserve a Grammy, but who gives a shit? … Continue reading Radiohead vs. Steely Dan

Come on, Steely Dan?

The following comments re: The Grammys are from ML (extracted from an email to Johnny): I mean come on, Steely Dan? Are you kidding me? Just because people were overlooked when their music was contemporary (meaning in the category of unlistenable 70’s music) doesn’t mean we need to go giving them awards 25 years later. … Continue reading Come on, Steely Dan?