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New Steve Gunn video: Vagabond

Video: Steve Gunn – “Vagabond” Directed by Jason Evans. From The Unseen In Between, out January 18, 2019 on Matador. I like spooky music. Not necessarily scary music–though I have a small corner of my heart that’s draped in black set aside for Ministry as well–but music that is a bit unsettling. There are certain … Continue reading New Steve Gunn video: Vagabond

Chris Staples – Golden Age

I maintain a playlist called Golden that pulls together a bunch of songs that give me fall shivers and nostalgic heartstring tugs. There’s loads of Beck’s Sea Change, Kurt Vile’s Walking on a Pretty Day, Steve Gunn’s Sundowner, Elliott Smith, Damien Jurado, Lord Huron, and now…Chris Staples. Staples’ new album, Golden Age, shares more in … Continue reading Chris Staples – Golden Age