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Steve Perry Really Loves Journey Fans

Journey Hollywood Walk of FameGQ‘s Alex Pappademas offers highlights of his two-hour, 11,000 word interview with the former lead singer of Journey. Foolish, Foolish Throat: A Q&A with Steve Perry:

I live just above San Diego, in Del Mar. And occasionally when I get up to Los Angeles, sometimes I’ll go out on the weekend, and some of these clubs, man—this new generation in the clubs, man, they’re playing this song, and when it comes on they’re screaming it out to each other. The girls are screaming “Just a small-town girl.” They’re screaming it at clubs. Do you have any idea what that feels like? In my lifetime, to see another generation embrace this? As I said in the beginning with you, there’s something reverent about that, to me. And I only wish to protect it, because it means something to them, like it means something to me. I don’t wanna see that get damaged. I really don’t. And I just love to see them love it so much. It just completely slays me. I would have never—I would have never thought that was gonna happen. I mean, who knew?

The whole, huge interview is pretty great. And Pappademas even follows up with Neal Schon. Definitely worth reading. If you need further proof that it’s a great interview, check out Perry’s story about spying on fans checking out Journey’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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