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I want to go home. But I am home.

I been through many times in which I thought I might lose itThe only thing that saved me has always been music — Beastie Boys Whenever I feel like I’m starting to slip over the edge of reality a little more than normal, it’s always been my thing to start listening to really crazy people … Continue reading I want to go home. But I am home.

Obsession, Insanity and Fanaticism

There’s a new article about Syd Barrett on Last Plane to Jakarta. As with the vast majority of John Darnielle’s writing, this piece is at times hilarious and insightful and celebratory and sad. He hits pretty close to home for me in one of his famous “footnotes” discussing the track, “Opel” which remained unreleased until … Continue reading Obsession, Insanity and Fanaticism