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The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir: Ten Questions We Ask Everyone

Scotland Yard Gospel ChoirScotland Yard Gospel Choir singer/songwriter Elia Einhorn tackles our Ten Questions We Ask Everyone and sucks up to Morrissey and Britney Spears in the same breath.

Ridley Bent: Ten Questions We Ask Everyone

Ridley Bent - Nova Scotian cowboy with a funky bentRidley Bent is an entertainer, a crooner, a guitar player, and a songwriter with a knack for detail. Find out just how bad he hates Canadian Idol and the man who created it.

Twilight Hotel: Ten Questions We Ask Everyone

Twilight Hotel - America's Sweethearts from CanadaBrandy Zdan and Dave Quanbury met in 2002 and have been bucking the conventional wisdom that music and love do not mix, at least not when in the same band. GLONO drops our Ten Questions on them.

Yea Big + Kid Static: Ten Questions We Ask Everyone

Yea Big + Kid Static - Chicago nuttersWhat happened to the Digital Undergrounds, the Biz Markies and the De La Souls? With all this serious rap, who fills in the gap for the people who just want to get their dance on?

Chris Robley: Ten Questions We Ask Everyone

Chris Robley - Not sad bastardPortland, Oregon singer-songwriter Chris Robley digs that experimental folk sound and the darker elements of pop. He talks to GLONO in the launch of a new series, Ten Questions We Ask Everyone.