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New C.I.A. video: Oblivion

Video: The C.I.A. — “Oblivion” The C.I.A. – OblivionWatch this video on YouTube From The C.I.A., due December 21 on In the Red. Their previous single focused on carnal comfort as a balm for existential crisis, while this new one suggests the pointlessness of getting wasted. Fair enough, but hey, whatever gets you through the … Continue reading New C.I.A. video: Oblivion

New Denée & Ty Segall video: Pleasure Seeker

Video: The C.I.A. — “Pleasure Seeker” The C.I.A. – Pleasure SeekerWatch this video on YouTube Directed by Denée & Ty Segall. From their self titled debut, due in December on In The Red. Who needs guitars when you have two basses? Not the C.I.A., a new group featuring Ty Segall on one bass, his wife … Continue reading New Denée & Ty Segall video: Pleasure Seeker