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Metro Times on The Go

Detroit Metro Times has a cover story about the Go: “The Go are completely overlooked, get little respect, and it makes me nuts,” says Ivan Suvanjieff (aka Mark Norton), the former Detroit rock scenester, Ramrods leader and CREEM editor, who’s become something of a “spiritual adviser” to the band. “I really feel that people have … Continue reading Metro Times on The Go

The Go – Invisible Friends

MP3: The Go – “Invisible Friends” from Howl on the Haunted Beat You Ride, out now on Cass Records. Back in 1999, before Napster blew up, there was still a lot of great music on the internet. Sites like listen.com aggregated a bunch legit downloads (including mp3s, Liquid Audio files, etc.) from across the web, … Continue reading The Go – Invisible Friends

The GO on the Radio

It’s Friday, and I’m in love. The tightness around my eyes reminds me of last night’s Bud, but with The GO on the radio? Hey man, it’s right on. Detroit rock and roll water babies, musical greenhorns, touring tenderfoots? Whatever. Turn that shit up. The brains behind the operation is one Bobby Harlow. Many names … Continue reading The GO on the Radio