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Marissa from The O.C. chases Noel Gallagher all over town in her underwear

Video: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “Everybody’s On The Run” You can tell a lot about people by their choice of shoes and undergarments. In Noel Gallagher’s latest video, our star-crossed heroes bond over a shared love of suede trainers and leopard print skivvies. And, naturally, Noel drives the cab. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying … Continue reading Marissa from The O.C. chases Noel Gallagher all over town in her underwear

Mischa Barton in Finding t.A.T.u

Variety tells us that Marissa Cooper is going to star in the upcoming Russian coming-of-age drama “Finding t.A.T.u,” which starts shooting in Moscow later this month. The movie is adapted from the novel “t.A.T.u come back” by Russian writer A. Mitrofanov. Set against a background of music, Internet chatrooms and hedonistic Russian nightlife, it’s the … Continue reading Mischa Barton in Finding t.A.T.u

Alexandra Patsavas Starts Chop Shop Records

Our old friend Alexandra Patsavas, the music supervisor for the OC, Carnivale, and Grey’s Anatomy, is forming her own record label, Chop Shop Records, as an imprint of Atlantic Records. “A label seems like a natural extension of what a music supervisor does . . . You can come across things very early, and there … Continue reading Alexandra Patsavas Starts Chop Shop Records

The Final OC Finale (Finally)

Long live the doe-eyed fawn!It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on what’s shaking in Orange County, but Season Three sucked. In what may be the last “OC” piece you’ll ever read on GLONO, the tag-team of Johnny Loftus and Jake Brown pound the final nails in the coffin.

The OC: Someone’s SMS’ing

A footsoldier in Dean Hess's uptight citizens' brigade...The “OC” is back. Chino just wants to punch in, but he’s destined to punch people out instead, while the Doe Eyed Fawn uncovers an alternate universe at her big bad new public school. Seth and Summer spend their time breaking up illicit teacher/student affairs via their sparkly T-Mobile Sidekick.

The OC: Thug-shooting is the new Love-making.

Marissa's season finale shooting of TreyFake dream sequences, shooting motherfuckers for love, two-faced harpies and mothers who won’t return to their children – “The OC” season three is some gothic-ass shit. Book it.

The OC Finale: Human Chinome Project

Seth Cohen, ass clown or nerd boy?Things got pretty soapy this season on “The OC,” but it ended with a bang in a series of bitchy slap fights, funerals, interventions, and the Doe Eyed Fawn putting a bullet into the Inland Street Thug.

Interview with “OC-band” Temper Temper

Temper TemperSo what’s a band gotta do to get a song on The OC? Apparently, just have your publicist send them a copy of your record. Oh yeah, it helps if your music is slinky and dark and dancey and sexy.