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Who Are They Kidding?

“Roger Daltrey has been a world-famous star since the early 1960s when he began his career as the lead singer of The Who, and has since become one of the most popular vocalists in rock music history.” So claims a press release from CBS Entertainment, which draws attention to the fact that Daltrey is going … Continue reading Who Are They Kidding?

Of Polyester and Camel Toe: Remembering John Entwistle, Badly

John Entwistle - So Who's the Bass Player: The Ox AnthologyA recently released compilation reminds Jeff Sabatini of what originally caused him to rethink his desire to own every single recording ever made by his favorite band.

Blame Pete!

Guilty!In 1979, Pete Townshend corrupted a seven-year-old boy, permanently altering the child’s state of mind and behavior. Essentially, turning him into a slave of rock and roll. A quarter of a century later, Thomas Durkin reveals all…

Colorfully Filthy Lucre

Quick: What do Madonna, Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Pantera, The Who (original lineup), Rob Zombie, AC/DC, Kiss, and Britney Spears have in common? Chances are, the answer that you’ll reach, undoubtedly fanciful, will not be right. If it is right, then it may seem odd that you’re reading this website.


One might argue that we are now experiencing the loss of those who have built the framework of much of rock as we know it today. It wasn’t all that long ago, relatively speaking, that we were writing about the death of George Harrison, the generally underrated guitar player who was fundamental to the Beatles. … Continue reading Gen-gen-gen-generation

Musing on Who’s Next

“Then a scream that sounded like Satan on the rack, followed by menacing guitar chords and an epigram — ‘Meet the new boss/ Same as the old boss’ — that I would hear repeated in some manner every day the rest of my life.” Musing on Who’s Next, from Salon.