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It’s Got a Good Beat (17 of them)

Before there was Twitter providing consolidated, concentrated comments, we tried our hand at some haiku—17 syllables, 5/7/5—to make some observations on what was going on. It didn’t go anywhere. So given that everything that’s old is still old but can be tried again, here are three, based on Todd’s interview in Variety, the recurring death … Continue reading It’s Got a Good Beat (17 of them)

If Music Be the Food of Love, Get Off the Stage

I have a place where dreams are born And time is never planned It’s not on any chart You must find it in your heart Neverland. It was 1972. My hair was long, my waist was thin and I had dark(ish) circles under my eyes from too many weekend nights spent drinking in a dive … Continue reading If Music Be the Food of Love, Get Off the Stage


The conceit of this site is that “Rock and Roll Can Change Your Life.” Note well that there is an explicit option expressed; it doesn’t say “will” or “must.” But there is potential. Changing one’s life is not a trivial thing. But it can happen. Much of what gets essayed here cracks corporate artists or … Continue reading Neverland