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Tommy Stinson, Paul Westerberg Messing Around

Tommy Stinson tells the Minneapolis StarTribune he had been in town in September to “mess around” with Paul Westerberg and drummer Michael Bland. He sounded enthusiastic about the sessions and said, “It was a lot of fun.” When I asked if they did any recording, though, he answered, “Nah, that’s getting to first base. We’re … Continue reading Tommy Stinson, Paul Westerberg Messing Around

AXL vs. GNR vs. EDM

Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse “The Devil” Hughes talks to the NME about the dustup with Axl Rose: “Then when he called us The Pigeons Of Shit Metal, Tommy Stinson, their bass player took his bass off and goes: ‘Fuck you, that’s it’. And then he threw his bass down. But then Axl picked up … Continue reading AXL vs. GNR vs. EDM

Tommy Stinson: Pleased to Meet Him

His face is an ever-changing map of the rock attitudes...Tommy Stinson has been playing in rock and roll bands since he was 13. Twenty-five years later, he still throws himself into impassioned, no-nonsense performances that can convert subdued crowds into throngs of noisy believers.