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Sales: Tony Bennett is on Top of the World, Baby

It’s been a while since we looked at the Billboard 200. What blows my mind is that nine months after it was released, Adele’s album still manages to find 100,000+ new buyers every week. Who are these people who haven’t figured out they want this album by now?

1. Tony Bennett – “Duets II” – 179,000 (debut)
2. Lady Antebellum – “Own the Night” – 125,000 (down 64%)
3. Adele – “21” – 117,000 (down 2%)
4. Demi Lovato – “Unbroken” – 96,000 (debut)
5. Lil Wayne – “Tha Carter IV” – 84,000 (down 28%)
6. NeedToBreathe – “The Reckoning” – 49,000 (debut)
7. Mindless Behavior – “#1 Girl” – 36,000 (debut)
8. Gavin DeGraw – “Sweeter” – 34,000 (debut)
9. Jay-Z and Kanye West – “Watch the Throne” – 31,000
10. Pearl Jam – “Pearl Jam Twenty” – 27,000 (debut)


24. Tori Amos – “Night Of Hunters” – 18,000 (debut)
26. Superheavy – “Superheavy” – 18,000 (debut)

• Overall album sales in this past chart week (ending Sept. 25) totaled 5.28 million units

• Year to date album sales stand at 222.93 million

Additional sales data via Yahoo and MTV.

American Idol Season 6 Finale

Idol FeverThank goodness for Tivo. I don’t understand how anyone watches Idol without it. Tonight’s finale lasted over two hours, but it took me less than 45 minutes to watch it. Usually with the results shows I only watch the last five minutes, but tonight was the big old season finale so I felt obligated to at least attempt to watch the whole thing. I didn’t make it very far.

I got about three seconds into the first chorus of Gwen Stefani’s live via satellite guest spot before the first bloop. For those unfamiliar with Tivo, there’s a secret hack that you can program into your remote to allow you to instantly advance thirty seconds forward. I abuse this feature. Especially when watching Idol.

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