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Tweaker – 2:00am Wakeup Call

Tweaker2:00am Wakeup Call (Waxploitation)

I have nightmares. Lots of them. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on this site a few times, but whenever a CD like this comes across my desk, I feel the need to mention it, if only for therapeutic reasons.

The last thing I need is a 2:00am wakeup call from Will Oldham, but that’s exactly what you get with “Ruby” (mp3), the first track off this album from ex-Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna. And this guest-laden dreamscape is haunting enough to leave me with sleepless nights for months.

The reach of NIN is kinda hard to fathom. Everyone remembers the kids in high school who wore their allegiance to Trent on their sleeves (literally in the form of those tattered patches everyone safety pinned to their hoodies), but the true genius of that music was found in the percussion and production, which is why everyone from Robert Smith and Johnny Marr to Will Oldham and Mellowdrone makes an appearance on this album. And it’s great.

Lots of Tweaker mp3s available on their website.