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GLONO Video with Two Cow Garage: Doubt & Determination

Two Cow GarageA two-part documentary video feature that updates the story of the best unsigned band in America. We’re all still waiting for that happy ending…

Two Cow Garage Finally Getting Props

GLONO friends and killer live band Two Cow Garage gets some love from MSNBC. It’s an odd write-up that quotes someone else as saying Two Cow has some similarities to Zeppelin and Quiet Riot (!?!?), a claim singer Micah Schnabel doesn’t deny. When pressed to describe his own impression of Two Cow’s sound, Micah said, … Continue reading Two Cow Garage Finally Getting Props

Introducing Glorious Noise Video with Two Cow Garage

Two Cow GarageGlorious Noise is proud to announce a new regular feature: Exclusive GLONO Video. Today’s featured video is the extended trailer of The Long Way Around, Whiskey Bender’s documentary on GLONO faves, Two Cow Garage.

The Long Way Around: One Badass Year with Two Cow Garage

Two Cow GarageEver shared a van with an independent rock and roll band? It ain’t pretty. Glorious Noise interviews the filmmaker who spent a year documenting the ups and downs of being the world’s greatest live band you’ll never see on MTV.

New Two Cow Garage

In February Two Cow Garage (GLONO review) will begin recording their second album at The Echo Lab outside of Denton, TX with Slobberbone‘s Brent Best producing and Centro-Matic‘s Matt Pence engineering.

Two Cow Garage: Say Uncle

Let’s get this out of the way right up front. Two Cow Garage is everything I imagine Uncle Tupelo must have been back in the day. The UT comparison is inevitable because these kids play the same sort of punk country. The UT comparison is unavoidable because lead singer Micah Schnabel has a great voice … Continue reading Two Cow Garage: Say Uncle