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New Ty Segall video: Taste

Video: Ty Segall – “Taste” Directed by Joshua Erkman. From First Taste, due August 2 on Drag City. Ty Segall wants your shit and he is willing to murder you for it. We live in a sick society and are being programmed on a daily basis to feed our sickness. Never one for subtlety, Ty … Continue reading New Ty Segall video: Taste

New C.I.A. video: Oblivion

Video: The C.I.A. – “Oblivion” From The C.I.A., due December 21 on In the Red. Their previous single focused on carnal comfort as a balm for existential crisis, while this new one suggests the pointlessness of getting wasted. Fair enough, but hey, whatever gets you through the night. Every night the same routine Going out … Continue reading New C.I.A. video: Oblivion

New Denée & Ty Segall video: Pleasure Seeker

Video: The C.I.A. – “Pleasure Seeker” Directed by Denée & Ty Segall. From their self titled debut, due in December on In The Red. Who needs guitars when you have two basses? Not the C.I.A., a new group featuring Ty Segall on one bass, his wife Denée on vocals, Emmett Kelly on another bass, and … Continue reading New Denée & Ty Segall video: Pleasure Seeker