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Asking to be dildo-whipped…

Back in front of his television set, Johnny Loftus digs into VH1’s The White Rapper Show. Verdict? “It was uproarious, stupid, and awesome, which is probably some sort of axiom for 2007 in general.” Let’s hope so. Or maybe not.

The VH1 Top 20 (4/23-29) As (Bad) Language Poetry

When I’m Gone: Unwell. The Remedy: Sing for the Moment Like a Stone. Clocks, Lights Out: Why, Georgia? (Miss You, Fighter, Angel.) I’m Glad; Come Away With Me: Rock Your Body, Beautiful. Picture American Life: Times Like These: Big Yellow Taxi Ignition. For more awesome poetry, check out recent works by Donald Rumsfeld. Make up … Continue reading The VH1 Top 20 (4/23-29) As (Bad) Language Poetry