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New Black Lips video: Crystal Night

Video: Black Lips – “Crystal Night” From Satan’s graffiti or God’s art? out now on Vice Records. Produced by Sean Lennon. Weird. It’s a dopey 50s love song pastiche, and also…it’s set during the event that kicked off the Holocaust, Kristallnacht. In the video, our protagonist gets kicked out of the prom by security (in … Continue reading New Black Lips video: Crystal Night

New Black Lips video: Can’t Hold On

Video: The Black Lips – “Can’t Hold On” From Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art?, produced by Sean Ono Lennon and out now on Vice Records. I love these guys. They all look like movie bullies from different decades. It’s a great look. And now they’ve added a saxophone player which is pretty cool. The sax … Continue reading New Black Lips video: Can’t Hold On

The Chuck Dukowski Sextet – Haunted; OFF! – Off!

The Chuck Dukowski Sextet – Haunted (Org Music) OFF! – Off! (Vice) The importance of L.A.’s punk pioneers Black Flag cannot be understated. Even if history only confirms one album, Damaged, as the band’s crowning achievement, you have to consider the band beyond anything committed to magnetic tape. From their grueling tour schedule, to the … Continue reading The Chuck Dukowski Sextet – Haunted; OFF! – Off!

Raveonettes – Last Dance (demo)

MP3: Raveonettes – “Last Dance (demo)” Amazingly, even in their demos, the Raveonettes capture the Phil Spector vibe. They’re giving away bunch of demos to people who follow them on twitter…or something… Raveonettes: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki, twitter.

Black Lips – Short Fuse

MP3: Black Lips – “Short Fuse” from 200 Million Thousand, out February 24 on Vice. This mp3 ends with a British girl telling you to “get more music at vicerecords.com.” Normally, that would be the kind of thing to really annoy me, but actually it’s fairly unobtrusive, and really, who gives a shit? It’s not … Continue reading Black Lips – Short Fuse

Black Lips – Starting Over

MP3: The Black Lips – “Starting Over” from 200 Million Thousand, due February 24 on Vice. Sounds like Brian Jonestown Massacre doing one of their early Rolling Stones pastiches. Minus the sense of evil and danger. That, of course, is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s pretty good. Still, let’s hope the album has … Continue reading Black Lips – Starting Over