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Top Music Videos of 2006

The Top 56 Music Videos of 2006 – Watch them all on YouTube, or download higher quality versions individually, in groups of 10, or all at once (1.36 GB) via bittorrent. Very nicely done.

Who needs MTV? Not us, when we’ve got Shots Ring Out gathering up the best music videos on the web.

The Top 5:

1) Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Joseph Kahn)

2) the Mountain Goats – Woke Up New (Rian Johnson)

3) Sean Lennon – Friendly Fire (Michele Civetta)

4) The Teddybears – Cobrastyle (Ace Norton)

5) Jeremy Warmsley – Dirty Blue Jeans (Ben Rollason)

Justin Timberlake on SNL

I didn’t realize that NBC has started using YouTube… Earlier this year they demanded that awesome Natalie Portman rap video (my 2006 single of the year) to be pulled…

I’ve been Tivoing Saturday Night Live for a few years now, which renders it entirely watchable. Justin Timberlake was great the last time he hosted, and this time I was sad that Jimmy Fallon was no longer in the cast because the “Barry Gibb Talk Show” sketches had been so funny. Lo and behold, they brought Fallon back for the sketch (he probably wasn’t super busy).

Anyway, thanks to NBC and YouTube, you can watch the highlights after the jump, including the uncensored version of A Special Christmas Box

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New Babyshambles videos

Stream a couple of new Babyshambles videos: “The Blinding” (Win, Real) and “Love You But You’re Green” (Win, Real). From The Blinding EP, out now on Capitol Records.

Also, for all the new parents out there: A Boy Called Pete, a children’s book written by Peter Robinson and illustrated by David Whittle, which apparently will be turned into an animated TV program.

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Modest Mouse (with Johnny Marr) Live

We’ve been waiting with great anticipation to get a listen to the new Modest Mouse material. Ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr joined the group a couple months ago and now Netzoo some live tracks from their Wiltern show earlier this week. Modest Mouse and Johnny Marr: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together.

Fire it Up

We’ve Got Everything

Update: Video after the jump…

Previously on GLONO: Johnny Marr gets back to his roots, Why “Rubber Ring” Is the Best Song Ever, Stop Me if You Think You’ve Heard This One.

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New Tenacious D video

Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi has directed a fantastically twisted video for Tenacious D’s “Classico” (nsfw) from The Pick of Destiny. More John K stuff here.

Via bb.

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GLONO Video: The Blacks Reunion Live

The Blacks: Back from the GraveYou’ve already seen our two-part video/interview feature on the Blacks. That mini-doc contained footage from the soundcheck. And because people have been asking for it, we’re now finally bringing some footage from the actual show later that night.

And remember everybody, Blacks leader Danny Black is headlining the Black and Orange Ball this Saturday in Chicago with his new band, Healthy White Baby. Come out and see it!

In the video clip post after the jump, see the legendary Chicago band perform “New New Waltzing Blues” and “Fake Out Jesus.” (Also, a couple of bonus videos from the two other bands on the bill, Riviera and Quasar Wut-Wut.)

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The Raconteurs – “Broken Boy Soldier” video

Beggars has posted the new Raconteurs video for “Broken Boy Soldiers” to YouTube:

I’m still surprised about how good this band was at Lollapalooza. They sounded so much better and more badass than the album.

GLONO Video with the Drams

The DramsThe Drams, a Texas band composed of former members of Slobberbone and Budapest One, sat down with Glorious Noise in Chicago while touring in support of Jubilee Dive, out now on New West Records.

The video includes an interview with Brent Best (Slobberbone) and Keith Killoren (Budapest One) discussing the formation of the band and the recording of Jubilee Dive, and features live footage from The Drams’ performance at Subterranean in August 2006. The songs performed are “Hummalong,” “You Won’t Forget,” and “Fireflies.”

“We purposely, production-wise, went away from what Slobberbone was known for,” Brent Best told Glorious Noise. “The songs are more melodic, but it was more about doing stuff in the studio that make us grin and go, ‘Oh yeah!’ and kind of going overboard with it. For me what it comes down to is just doing whatever the hell we wanted to that served the song.”

The Drams are heading out on tour this fall with the Drive-By Truckers, and then heading over to Europe. See the dates (and an MP3) after the jump…

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YouTube: The Blisters – A Short Film

Check out this short film on Chicago’s own the Blisters. Yes, that’s Jeff Tweedy’s son on drums.

The Blisters previously on GLONO here and here.