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New Panda Bear video – Take Pills

Video: Panda Bear – “Take Pills” Two years (to the week!) after the release of Person Pitch, Paw Tracks releases a trippy new video for “Take Pills.” Who knew pandas had such long tails? Directed by Brian DeGraw. Panda Bear: MySpace, wiki.

Gorillaz Documentary Trailer

I love me some Gorillaz. I’ve been a fan of Damon Albarn‘s music since the early 90s when Blur was still mistakenly associated with “shoegazing” and “madchester” by music rags when in fact they were creating something entirely different and uniquely British. Blur crumbled (and are now slated to reform) and Albarn flew off in … Continue reading Gorillaz Documentary Trailer

New Vampire Weekend – White Sky

YouTube: Vampire Weekend – “White Sky” (live on Fallon, 3/18/2009) A new song from everybody’s favorite proponents of “African preppy” music. I’m not a Fallon hater, but could he be any douchier at the end of this song? “Good job, buddy, good job. Hey, very good, buddy, good man.” It’s like he’s on the losing … Continue reading New Vampire Weekend – White Sky

Scion Rock Fest 2009

Scion Rock Fest 2009 What happens when metalheads descend on Hotlanta to bask in the dark majesty of a corporate sponsored rock festival? We sent our own Friday Facial star and dedicated metal maniac to find out.

Jaoquin Phoenix Keeps it…Um…Real

The madness continues. Jaoquin Phoenix jumps into the crowd to confront a heckler. Phoenix’s “career switch” is being documented by his brother-in-law, Casey Affleck. Whatever is going on here, I love it. Video: Jaoquin Phoenix Fight (enhanced) at Fontainebleau night club in Miami Via The NME.

Another new Neil Young video: Johnny Magic

Video: Neil Young – “Johnny Magic” Another self-made video from Neil’s latest distraction, Fork in the Road, due April 7. There’s an alternate version of the video available at the Huffington Post. Accusations of lazy songwriting will probably not be abated by this song. I really like Trans, Everybody’s Rockin’, and Old Ways, but I … Continue reading Another new Neil Young video: Johnny Magic

Libertines in the Studio

Sorry for the somewhat misleading headline…although Pete Doherty is still convinced a reunion “is going to happen,” so… But what we have here is some cool 2004 studio footage of the Libertines and Mick Jones recording “The Man Who Would Be King.” According to the NME, “The footage is set to be used in an … Continue reading Libertines in the Studio

Unreleased Early Elliott Smith: Nine Inch Nails Diss Track

Video: Elliott Smith – “We’re All Friends Now” This is footage shot by Mary Lou Lord somewhere in Canada in 1995. Lyrics are a badass smackdown of a music industry showcase for Nine Inch Nails: The feedback starts and the singer yells“I’d rather die than give you control”But he’s already sold the whole damn thing … Continue reading Unreleased Early Elliott Smith: Nine Inch Nails Diss Track

New Oasis video: Falling Down

Video: Oasis – “Falling Down” A Noel Gallagher song from Dig Out Your Soul (review), out now on Warner Bros. Seems crazy to me that bands are still getting money for high-production videos like this. Good for them! Oasis: web, myspace, wiki.