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New Scarlett Johansson video: Relator (with Pete Yorn)

Video: Pete Yorn – “Relator” ft. Scarlett Johansson This song is a lot better than anything on her dreary album of Tom Waits covers. Perhaps she’s been listening to She & Him (compare), but this kind of material actually suits Johansson’s voice. And she looks fantastic as a brunette. An album, Break Up, is due … Continue reading New Scarlett Johansson video: Relator (with Pete Yorn)

Shonen Knife – Super Group

Video: “Shonen Knife – Super Group” MP3: Shonen Knife – “Super Group” from Super Group, out August 25 on Good Charamel. Shonen Knife makes it impossible not to love them. Cynics might suggest that their broken English is a cutesy gimmick, and who knows, maybe it is. But with awesome lyrics like this, how can … Continue reading Shonen Knife – Super Group

New Modest Mouse video: King Rat

Video: Modest Mouse – “King Rat” Directed by Heath Ledger, co-directed and illustrated by Daniel Auber with lead animation by Norris Houk, animation by Jade Taglioli and produced by Sara Cline of THE MASSES. According to a post on Modest Mouse‘s MySpace blog, “Heath’s intention was to raise awareness on modern whaling practices through a … Continue reading New Modest Mouse video: King Rat

Weird Al vs. Charles Nelson Reilly

Video: "Weird Al" Yankovic – CNR Weird Al pays homage to Match Game guest star Charles Nelson Reilly via the White Stripes in his latest video. Unfortunately, Al’s guitar tone doesn’t even come close to Jack White‘s, even if the riff is spot on. What’s the deal, Al? Couldn’t find a rental shop in L.A. … Continue reading Weird Al vs. Charles Nelson Reilly

Arctic Monkeys video: Crying Lightning

Video: Arctic Monkeys – “Crying Lightning” We posted the audio stream a couple weeks ago, but here’s the official video for “Crying Lightning,” the single from Humbug, due August 25 on Domino. They’re apparently refugee zombies now…or something. Arctic Monkeys: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

New Of Montreal video: Mingusings

Video: of Montreal – “Mingusings” Directed by Nick Gould, wherein our hero is a fencing mime who runs around stealing televisions, chopping wood, and visiting Australia. Why not? I love that Of Montreal refuses to tone down the goofiness no matter how “successful” they become. From Skeletal Lamping, out now on Polyvinyl. MP3: Of Montreal … Continue reading New Of Montreal video: Mingusings

New Thom Yorke – Present Tense (live, acoustic)

Video: Thom Yorke – “The Present Tense” (live at Latitude, July 19, 2009) He’s really feeling it around the 3:48 mark. Radiohead: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Plushgun – Let Me Kiss You Now (And I'll Fade Away)

Video: Plushgun – “Let Me Kiss You Now (And I’ll Fade Away)” Saw this video on Subterranean this week and I like it a lot. Directed by Ana Veselic for only $99. A cute girl, a bar fight, and a couple of ukuleles: what more could you want? It’s from their album, Pins & Panzers, … Continue reading Plushgun – Let Me Kiss You Now (And I'll Fade Away)