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Tapes ‘N Tapes – Insistor

Has anybody else noticed that “Insistor” by current indie darlings Tapes ‘N Tapes sounds a lot like Quasar Wut-Wut? Check out “Enola Gay” in particular. Even their video looks like a Quasar video. Or is it just me?

Glorious Noise Video with the Deadstring Brothers

Deadstring BrothersThis week’s GLONO video feature stars Detroit’s Deadstring Brothers, recorded live in Chicago last winter. Recently signed to Bloodshot Records, the band is making a name for itself with gritty, explosive live shows and an album that gives more than a passing nod to everyone’s favorite Glimmer Twin party.

Introducing Glorious Noise Video with Two Cow Garage

Two Cow GarageGlorious Noise is proud to announce a new regular feature: Exclusive GLONO Video. Today’s featured video is the extended trailer of The Long Way Around, Whiskey Bender’s documentary on GLONO faves, Two Cow Garage.

Field Music – You’re So Pretty

“You’re So Pretty” by Field Music from Field Music (Memphis Industries). Saw their video for “You’re Not Supposed To” (QT) on Subterranean. Contains a former member of the Futureheads. More mp3s on their site.

Stop the Madness: Anti-drug video

Stop the Madness, a mid-80s anti-drug music video, featuring the New Edition, Whitney Houston, LaToya Jackson, Herb Albert, Toni Basil, and First Lady Nancy Reagan (no shit). Created by Tim Reid, who currently plays William Barnett in “That ’70s Show,” a show that glorifies teenage stonerism. Back story.

New Raconteurs video, cover art: Steady, As She Goes

New video for the Raconteurs (Jack White, Brendan Benson, et al) first single, “Steady, As She Goes” (QT, Win). Also, download the single from iTunes. Cover art: