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Rockafire Explosion: The Movie!

Holy crap, this is awesome.

Trailer: Rock-afire Explosion- The MOVIE

When MGMT put Billy Bob Brockali in their video for “Electric Feel” an entire generation of dudes in their thirties had a collective flashback to afternoons at Showbiz Pizza Place. Who knew that there was a community of fans buying up the old hardware and reprogramming them? So, so awesome.

The Rockafire Explosion: MySpace, web, YouTube, Wiki, Showbiz.

MP3 clips (courtesy of the web archive):

Billy Bob Brockali – “Little Arrows”

Fatz Geronimo – “Theme from The Monkees”

Mitzi Mozzerela – “My Boyfriend’s Back”

Dook Larue – “Why Can’t Every Day Be Like Christmas”

Beach Bear – “Little Sister”

Rolfe DeWolfe & Earl Schemerle – “King of the Road”

Via bb.

Throw Me The Statue – Lolita

MP3: Throw Me The Statue – “Lolita” from Moonbeams, out now on Secretly Canadian.

Saw this video on Subterranean recently. Great, Violent Femmesy vibe right down to the acoustic breakdowns and glockenspiel.

Video: Throw Me The Statue – “Lolita” (QT)

Video directed by Matt Daniels.

Throw Me The Statue: Web, MySpace, eMusic.

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Bo Diddley, Dead at 79

Video: Bo Diddley – “Hey, Bo Diddley” and “Bo Diddley” (1966, The Big TNT Show)

Rock and roll pioneer Bo Diddley has died of heart failure at age 79.

My favorite thing about Bo Diddley is that he always claimed to play rock and roll. Not the blues, not R&B, not pop. But rock and fucking roll. He was a giant.

MGMT – Electric Feel Music Video

Another outstanding video from our new favorite band. You can’t watch this shit and tell me those kids aren’t wacked out on drugs. And what’s that!?!?! The bear from Chucky Cheese in a cameo? Oh, hell yes.

MGMT -- “Electric Feel” Music Video

MGMT - Electric Feel

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The Surf Punks Changed My Life

Video: Surf Punks -- “My Wave”

SURFS PUNKS My Wave 1980

The Surf Punks were not a good band. But I loved their album My Beach when I was in high school. It’s pretty embarrassing to admit, but that was one of my first exposures to “punk rock.” If you can call it that. And you really can’t.

But the influence they had on me was huge.

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Babyshambles – Delivery (live)

With all the creepy videos, drugs, models, and jail time it’s easy to forget that Pete Doherty is still occasionally capable of kicking out some decent rock and roll.

Video: Babyshambles – “Delivery” (live at SECC)

Taken from the upcoming live DVD and CD Oh What A Lovely Tour!, out June 2 in the UK. No word on a domestic release…

The Felice Brothers: Glorious Noise Video

The Felice BrothersGLONO catches up with upstate New York’s The Felice Brothers and discovers a new term: Saloon Core. Bust out your suspenders and dust off your squeeze box, it’s party time.

The first time I saw The Felice Brothers perform, I hadn’t even heard of the band. They were the opening act for Son Volt at the House of Blues in Chicago. Since the show was a Chicago Cubs charity benefit, I assumed that The Felice Brothers were either; a) the pet-project band of some Cubs’ player who fancied himself a rock and roller in the off-season; b) a Cubs’ player’s son’s band that said-player had finagled into the opening slot; or c) a local band who was playing its biggest gig since last summer’s Wrigleyville Street Festival. Thankfully, none of these assumptions were correct.

Instead, I was treated to one of the best new bands I’ve seen in years. In fact, I was mesmerized by The Felice Brothers’ set, and they immediately joined a very short list of great bands that I’ve first discovered as an opening act. The band had managed to turn the House of Blues into a back porch hootenanny (no small feat when the audience is paying six dollars for beer in plastic cups), and they quickly won over the audience; not only holding the crowd’s attention but managing to get them dancing and singing along.

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Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse Together

For months now, GLONO has been pining away at the thought of a duet between Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse. I mean, it seems like a natural fit and a sure hit! Think of maybe a Christmas single a la Shane McGowan and Kirsty Macoll‘s “Fairytale of New York” or something.

This, however, is not what we had in mind…

Video: Winemouse Part One

More info from BBC News

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Scarlett Johansson doing Tom Waits live

You know, I wasn’t very impressed by the studio versions of the songs she was streaming off of her Tom Waits cover album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, but these live sessions are actually pretty cool. You’ve got to give her credit for pulling this off live. No AutoTune, right? Obviously not, ha ha.

Video: Scarlett Johansson -- “Falling Down” (Sessions)

Scarlett Johansson - Falling down AOL sessions

Maybe I’m just being tricked by her cool, distant, Nico-esque stage presence, or maybe it’s the adorable tank top, but I’m kind of digging these videos. I like the fact that her voice is far from perfect. If she had a traditionally good voice, this would just seem like another celebrity vanity project. This is something much weirder.

It’s ScarJo Day on Glorious Noise! Also see today’s Friday Facial review of the album.

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