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Yazoo Live: Another Page In Your Diary

YazooYazoo at the Chicago Theatre

Chicago, July 14, 2008

“Wow!” my wife exclaimed. “This place is packed!”

Technically, Yazoo’s “Reconnected” stop at the Chicago Theatre on Monday night was a few housewives shy of a sold out distinction, but there were still enough gays and grays on hand to raise a few eyebrows to those without a historical reference point or a penchant for electronic music.

My wife was four when Yazoo last performed live. I was in high school. If you do the math, that puts me at an appropriate target audience for this electronic duo’s catalog of lovelorn pathos. And you don’t need an abacus to decipher that my wife had no idea who Yazoo was when I told her “We’re goin’.”

After all, we’re talking about a band that I consider to have made one of the greatest pop songs ever (“Only You”) and one of the best dance songs ever (“Situation”) that just happens to be on the flip side of that aforementioned gem. Aside from that, they also released a pair of well-crafted electronic minimalist albums fronted by one of the most emotive female vocalists ever, Alison Moyet.

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