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The White Mouse Has Escaped!

History and Revisionist Reality at the 2003 VMAs What’s that flinty taste in our mouth? Why, it’s the unforgiving barrel of the Mossberg 12 gauge jammed between our teeth. The shooter’s face is distorted – garish, hyper-real images flicker unabated eighteen inches away, just above the chamber. Bursts of red, washed-out orange, and otherworldly, shimmering … Continue reading The White Mouse Has Escaped!


The VMAs represent everything I’ve come to hate about what currently passes for “pop” as well as the baldfaced commercialism of… well… everything – that this site so vigilantly follows. I don’t remember exactly when I stopped watching the VMAs but it was at least four or five years ago. Posted by: Joshua on September … Continue reading DRUNKER THAN PINK


The 2001 VMAs Get Boring With the Cheez Whiz Johnny Loftus The 2001 MTV Video Music Awards made it perfectly clear that Pop is dead. For a show that has always offered at least a few bright spots, nothing in the performances, appearances, or posturing of the celebrities chosen to appear was remotely controversial, artistic, … Continue reading NAUGHTY BABY DID A NO-NO