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New Robyn Hitchcock video: Sayonara Judge

Video: Robyn Hitchcock – “Sayonara Judge” Directed by Hugh Hales-Tooke. From Robyn Hitchcock, out now on Yep Roc. Everybody knows that he’s been obsessed with Syd Barrett but it’s weird when Robyn Hitchcock sounds like post-Barrett Pink Floyd. This could almost be an outtake from The Wall. Losing my face, losing my friends, losing my … Continue reading New Robyn Hitchcock video: Sayonara Judge

New Robyn Hitchcock video: Raymond and The Wires

Video: Robyn Hitchcock – “Raymond and The Wires” A cool new song about riding trolleys with his dad. This is from Robyn Hitchcock’s upcoming self-titled album, due April 21 on Yep Roc.

Robbie Fulks Guides Fellow Musicians to Misery

Good old Robbie Fulks offers up a ten-step guide on how to be miserable as a professional musician. A couple of my favorites: 4. Treat the grubby menial/muscle aspects of the profession — driving and repairing vans, hauling gear, arguing with promoters, delivering grinning Gene-Kelly-like performances under punishing or humiliating conditions — as the province … Continue reading Robbie Fulks Guides Fellow Musicians to Misery

Ian Hunter – Shrunken Heads

ian-hunter-heads.jpgIan HunterShrunken Heads (Yep Roc) A late-career highpoint, it rivals the revered records that his most obvious peer (Bob Dylan) has been releasing recently, which may surprise people who only know Ian from a David Bowie cover.