A Public Service Announcement from Glorious Noise

Today is when many of us make New Year’s resolutions, intentions to change our behaviors for purposes of improvements in the days, weeks, and months to come.

A new year engenders the idea that we should have a new commitment, a fresh new sense of advancement and idealism.

So we quit smoking. Start a diet. Give up on expensive beverages at Starbucks.

Then, around 3 pm on January 2nd, reality kicks in. Although we have “quit” smoking, we find ourselves feverishly ripping the foil off of a pack of Camels, rather than the Winstons we typically buy, thereby making up for lost nicotine. We somehow end up at the Hostess Outlet Store, stocking up on boxes of nearly expired but nonetheless tasty Twinkies. We’re then at the counter of Starbucks, not just upsizing the double mocha with extra whipped cream and raspberry topping from a grande to a venti, but actually buying two, even though we are (1) alone and (2) not particularly thirsty.

So in light of this, we at GloNo have a request to make of you loyal readers:

Please resolve to tell no one about Glorious Noise.

That’s right, become mute. Tomb-like. Keep it a secret between you and we.

Sure, we know that you probably enjoy sharing some of the observations that you find here on a decreasingly irregular basis, the cracks, critiques and occasional kudos related to people in and around the Music Industry. But as you ring in the New Year tonight (and remember when discharging a handgun toward Jupiter that whatever goes up must come down, so why don’t you skip that and simply deploy some of those unlistened-to CDs that your parents and well-meaning coworkers bought you for Christmas, instead), resolve to tell no one.

You see, we’re trying to figure out how to get more people to visit, so we figure that with this approach we might make the server strain a circuit by about 7 pm on the 2nd (by then, most hangovers should be dispersed).

One more thing: We would like to remind you that if you drink, don’t tell your friends what you really think about their music collection.

Thank you.

6 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement from Glorious Noise”

  1. I’m resolve not to make plans to drink all day the next day when I’m drunk. It always sounds like such a great idea. But the next day I never feel like it…

  2. Happy New Year. Lets start out on the right foot here. Why is there a previous letter by me on this site? I never wrote to you. Although its true that I played CBGB on dec 1 2001. I thank whoever for the publicity, I guess.Since I’m here, I might as well add a couple of other auestion/comments. 1. Why am I always reading that the BEASTIE BOYS – POLLY WOG STEW EP was the first release of RAT CAge records when in fact the 1st release was by CRUCIAL T who later went on to become CIRCUS OF PAIN. Are the Beasties SO wonderful that history must be distorted for them? Also, just exactly what is a miniscule label, all of our record releases were normal standard sized discs, Certainly the label had a more than miniscule influence on the independent music scene in general and the hardcore scene in particular when one considers some of the bands that released records on it(BEASTIE BOYS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, RATTUS, HEART ATTACK, YOUNG &USELESS (actually contains THE VERY VERY first white boy rap). We certainly were not aiming for world domination by any means but the label certainly sold a more than miniscule amount of discs and most of those early discs are much sought after collectors items. We also smoked more than miniscule amounts of herb and usually rolled very large spliffs when we did. I think the only thing miniscule about RATcAge records is the smallness of the minds of some of its web “historians”. love daze

  3. Daze, I think this kind of topic is better suited for the message boards: https://gloriousnoise.com/bb/viewforum.php?forum=1 I can assure you that here on Glorious Noise, we’ve never claimed that Pollywog Stew was the first release on your little label. Nor have we ever described it as miniscule in any way. As a matter of fact, I don’t think anyone but you has ever even mentioned Rat Cage Records before on this site.

  4. But we have “smoked more than miniscule amounts of herb”. And wasn’t the first white boy rap actually a white girl? You know, that chick who sang with Blondie.

  5. I didint even pretend to have the motivation to quit smoking fro the new year. I know I couldnt be arsed and dont really want to. A couple of my mates quit but were forced to buy a pack in the club on the nite of the 1st. Oh how I laughed…

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