Big milestone for the site

According to our goofy little counter, Glorious Noise has had 10,000 unique visits (whatever that means) since we started in February. I think that’s pretty cool, and I’d like to thank you all for stopping by. Even if you just got here by searching Google for “Britney Spears fucking.” (It’s true — you’d be amazed by the referrer logs — people are creepy!)

We’ve got our own radio station now so be sure to check it out. It’s served up by Live365, who — despite their barrage of ads — might go out of business any day now, so get it while you can. There’s a version of it for people with broadband connections and one for people with slower connections. We will be swapping in new songs every couple of weeks or so until we get bored with it and then it will probably just stay stagnant. But there’s over four hours of music, so rock on.

Also, recently there’s been some activity in the message boards, so please go in there and participate. That’s what Glorious Noise is all about. Well, at least that’s part of it. Some of it is just us making noise, but we want to hear your noise too, so get in there are rant!

Anyway, thanks to all our readers for making this site as “successful” as it is. I guess I would define success to mean that it feels worth the time and effort that we’re putting into it. If it stops feeling worth it, we’ll stop doing it. If it’s not 100% fun, right? Thanks again. We love you all.

2 thoughts on “Big milestone for the site”

  1. Ten Thousand Glono fans can’t be wrong will be the title of our first GLONO comp disk featuring tracks from Glorious Noise Radio. Look for it on late night infomercials soon!

  2. I insist that the girls in the daisy dukes in our infomercials actually wash the car instead of just standing on the hood like the “Mullet Madness” release by k-tel. Because it’s had “Wash this Car!” written in the dust coating the back window for months…

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