Britney vs. Madonna

If Britney manages to have as long and successful of a career as Madonna, I will renounce Ms. Ciccone as my Supreme Woman and no longer think about her when I masturbate. Yeah, that would be harder than quitting smoking was, seeing as it’s a 16+ year-old habit, but I won’t have to do it. No way, no how. Britney Spears is just a little talentless pandering hotbox. Madonna was a bitch (and yes, I’m using that in the complimentary way) and a rebel and Britney, well, she’s a corporate brand. In ten years she’ll be fat and married to some burnt out former child actor (Macauley Culkin perhaps?). They’ll have a house in Orange county and a decent income from investments and periodically she’ll appear on Entertainment Tonight talking about her cause du jour— freeing caged apes or some shit like that. Why are we even wasting our time thinking about her? Is the world that devoid of good new artists that we have to actually pay attention to her? I know we can’t just wallow in the early 70s forever (or can we?) but isn’t somebody doing something more interesting than B.S. (nice initials)? What are Liam and Noel up to?

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  1. i agree with ya. madonna is indeed a very daring person while britney on the other hand, is more on ‘Play nice’ and acts alot. even her songs…. aw! ‘i’m a slave for you’? oh my. so prince-ish.

  2. You know what, while i am a complete and total Magde fan, i dont think it’s right to put Brit down like that! like you said, she hasn’t had 20 years to prove herself so how do you actually know if SHE isn’t “The Next Best Thing”

    Yes Britney’s music might be ‘candy-pop’ and yes, she might act alot, but she’s still young (HA HA HA…. like 12!)

    but lets not forget that Maddy is 40+ and that she can’t hold on to her throne forever, and also that Madonna was also once a young, ugly, never fat though, struggling artist…

    Madonna is where she belongs at the top, but Britney may have the potential to follow suite.

  3. do you wanna know why britney was dropped by pepsi as its spokesgal? its because she’s already released three albums but still, as all of us can see, not even a single change in her teeny-pop music. and that’s got nothing to do with her age.

    it’s true that madonna can’t keep the pop-queen throne forever but that doesn’t necessarilly mean britney would have it, lets say, in the near future, either. madonna, is indeed, like everybody else, was once young, and a struggling artist, as you’ve put it, but never ugly. she had a merchandise store in the early 80’s that sell rubbers and other sort of beads and gadgets which was very popularat the time. meaning, unlike britney, madonna is way more fashionable than today’s pops princess will ever be in her entire sugary-sweet life. it’s true that what i’, talking about was decades ago, but still, atleast madonna was, and still is, considered fashionable and the mother of re-invention. you’ll understand what i’ saying if you try and take a look at britney’s horribly ‘unwearable’ type of outfits whenever in a show or even in public. it’s so cheap. and speaking of a concert show, you might have noticed that she doesnt really sing when on stage but just plainly dance and let her lips go on with the words. yeah, it’s just fucking lipsing some show, that is. all ther props and fireworks just went to waste. what good did it have to be the pops princess, have nice props and fireworks, excellent stage setting, and be on tour every year for three conseccutive times if all she does is dance and pretend that she sings? even the things she babble about on stage, i douvt is real. and thats why she’s a fake. another thing is that, the kids aren’t buying her albums the way they used to. most of them are now listening to punk star avril lavigne and i would definitely prefer avril than teeny-pop singer, britney.

  4. Hey there No.9, after reading your “essay” replying to my comments i’ve decided to agree with you. you see i’m an absolute M fan and always will be, i remember being a young child and listening to my parents talking about what a shit stirrer she is. how whenever one of her earlier movies came on T.V. i’d have to go to bed coz she wasn’t meant for young eyes. that was the first time i was ‘touched’ by her, and now as i look around me at all the young children hearing and enjoying her for the first time i can feel nothing but jealousy. these young things that are appearing more and more on our radio’s and tv’s might be using up some of her spotlight, but…

    The one thing they’ll never have is her incredible presence and talent for keeping the world in her hands for 20years +

  5. well britney is nothing next to Madonna, not only is Madonna the most famous woman in the world, but the best selling female recording artist in history, and madonna can actually sing not like britney sorry the girl can’t sing! Madonna is an ICON a lengend and a true latented artist who has been around for more than 20 years.

  6. hey there phil, you hit a nerve right there. i am just a 15-year-old kid, and i just, sorta started enjoying her tunes as well as her earlier songs about, two years ago, before her “Drwoned World Tour” started. but heck, i like her because of her brilliant ideas for her song lyrics and because she’s not a fake, unlike somebody else i know. now, who could that be? he…he…he…

  7. Madonna is one of the most excellent and fabulous

    women in the entire history of Music, even thoug nobody can remember her true hair colour or real age, she is still an inspiration to the

    music industry. With hits like “Like a virgin”

    american life, just like a prayer, and die another day and frozen, some how she always pulls out a record on top and I like how her looks and her music style changes with the world!!! She has been singing and acting for some time now and for her

    age SHE still looks 25!!!

    Britney Spears, I feel sorry for her, everyone beats up on her, she isn’t a slutt, she is just

    taken advantage of, she isn’t a porn star, crack head, convict or bitch, she is a nice, decent, young clean, woman in the music buiss, I mean sure u can make fun of her but I don’t see your ass up on stage or in films (like Britanny or Madonna!) O, she can get rich because she is famous u dumbass, and she may get phat, but she can lose weight, while u will always be ugly for the rest of your life!!!!!!!!11

  8. I love Brittany, I agree with Tyi, she is very talented, she can sing, and so can Madonna I love them both they r both very inspiring!!!

  9. go madonna u rock babe, and britney, same for u u guys desserve a lot, stay famous and stay cool u hold the music buiss togeather, keep it going, you are crazy, thats why more than half the worlds population knows both of your names. WE LOVE FROM THE ENTIRE TOWN OF DUNN OAK!

  10. this issue has been gaining quite some attention.

    people may not see our ass up the stage but i think thats totally out of the question.

    and to think that you found these articles soooo interesting that you clicked and wasted time reading it. jesus, you even typed out a reply.

    plus, if you like them so much together, and don’t like them being compared, then why ARE you here? and the constant dumbass you keep calling when in fact its you who sounds rediculous and out of place.

    onother thing though, just who said anything about britney being a slutt, a porn star, a crack head, a convict, or a bitch?

    i’m quite sure its pretty clear to you that we ARE talking about madonna, and britney, well, her weak points at being a pop star and reach madonna’s level. which i’m sure won’t happen.

    she may become the next pop queen by the time her fourth album is released this october. but we know fully well that she won’t be able to make it to madonna’s level so easily who the real queen is.

    ps. if you find this reply an offensing one, might as well take a look at your own writing. people who posted comments even before you became aware of the existence of these articles didn’t use such terms with each other.

  11. i almost forgot. we werent exactly making fun of britney, “Dumbass”. i actually dance along with her upbeat songs when being played at the radio. she would’ve done better if it werent for the lipsync thingy.

  12. I love Madonna. Im 17, and i think that she definately is a much hotter, and more inspiring person than Britney ever will be. She has changed so much in he music industry and deserves every bit of credit for her hard work. Shes a talented person and should be proud of her accomplishments.

  13. uhuh noooooo britney and madonna are both talentless whores britney will last a long time cuz shes a talentless whore jsut like madonna nobody gets tired of trying to emulate talentless whores who think they can sing. Madonna is a true icon but its a shame she cant sing!!!!!

  14. uhuh noooooo britney and madonna are both talentless whores britney will last a long time cuz shes a talentless whore jsut like madonna nobody gets tired of trying to emulate talentless whores who think they can sing. Madonna is a true icon but its a shame she cant sing!!!!!

  15. To bruno :

    ah, one of the best reasons why i absolutely adore madonna is because she IS a bitch. i wouldn’t know what i’d do if it was my face she hung up to, but i’m sure that’s not enough reason for me to actually hate her. she’s been publicly bitchy for more than a decade, since blonde ambition tour, ann being a fan and all, YOU shouldve known that sooner.

    to maddy :

    eeh! u’ve got somer nerve, y’know? using her nickname! anyway, she can sing better than britney, and can sing live!!! you should watch her drowned world tour, bone head!!!

  16. briney, if only you’d quit the lipsync thingy… i really really really hope you do! then i’d really really really shut up! ^_^

  17. I kno i’m sorta late on the commentary but it had to be said… Madonna rocks! k! Madonna is and always has been in control of her image and you gotta admire her, if not for her music, than for the way she has always (until recently cuz we’re used to it) challenged society. And to Tyi, save your pity for those in need.

  18. madonna is an icon, theres no denying that but she is an old woman now and NOBODY wants to see a woman approaching menopause in hotpants on stage! sorry, but thats the truth. britney was called “the next madonna” from the very beginning and she has truly lived up to that. she’s not even 30 years old yet and just got a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD! britney spears IS the madonna of this generation whether madonna fans like it or not! she has gone through turbulent times but has come out of it okay and a stronger woman. even snoop dogg called brit “the queen of pop stars”. speaking of pop stars, every little blonde pop star of the past decade, from jessica simpson to christina aguilera to willa ford to brooke hogan and even heidi montage has copied britney! her songs and videos are legendary! britney’s vma performance where she comes out in a black suit and fedora and rips it off to reveal a glittering, jewel encrusted bodysuit is STILL talked about! so is her legendary “im a slave 4 u” performance with the snake. what about her “baby one more time’ video in the catholic schoolgirl outfit? that is considered a classic video! britney spears has DOMINATED the 2000’s! its not even debateable. im not taking anything away from madonna-she started it all, but britney is clearly her hotter, younger successor! Like it or not, she has officialy de-throned madonna!

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