Chuck Barris, Scott Baio and the Village People

The Scariest Halloween Costumes Ever

The Electric Company Easy ReaderAt Glorious Noise, we’re always decked out in orange and black, so it’s like Halloween 365 days a year. And strangely, people ask us all the time if we’re wearing masks, when it’s really just our real faces. Anyway, if you want candy, but you don’t have a costume, check out some of these at retrocrush. It’s like a trip down the K-Mart aisle of marked down memories, with some of the finest examples of the classic “cheap ‘n flammable” costume, with the plastic mask in the shape of some lovable celebrity, and a plastic smock which was easy to clean the vomit off of after you ate a whole bag of candy corn and circus peanuts. It reminds me of many Halloweens as a child, making the trip to the supermarket on the night of Halloween, just after they marked down the costumes and candy, my little brother crying because they were sold out of the Spiderman costume he wanted, my mother yanking a “Small Wonder” costume off the rack for him, while I roamed the bulk candy aisle sticking my head into the barrel of malted milk balls and chowing down until the store managers dragged me outside.

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5 thoughts on “Chuck Barris, Scott Baio and the Village People”

  1. You rock, Pat. I hate candy corn and circus peanuts, too! Plus, and reference to “The Electric Company” (look closely at the picture) always brightens my day.

  2. …do you hear that? It’s stunned silence. I’m rendered utterly speechless by that retrocrush site. The Gong Show Halloween costume?! My mind is blown!Plus, I’ll never get this thing out of my mind-is there any better mask for an axe murderer to wear?:

  3. I actually can’t stand circus peanuts, just the thought of them makes me queasy. I do like candy corn, but only by eating each color in separate bites.I think the costume designers for Scream really cut some corners — I’d be terrified of a knife wielding Tattoo or Shirley from Laverne and Shirley!

  4. The funniest thing about this for me is that I always cried and complained when my parents *wouldn’t* buy me one of these awful plastic pieces of crap. They always made me real costumes, but I wanted the store-bought one from K-Mart.

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