Come on, Steely Dan?

The following comments re: The Grammys are from ML (extracted from an email to Johnny):

I mean come on, Steely Dan? Are you kidding me? Just because people were overlooked when their music was contemporary (meaning in the category of unlistenable 70’s music) doesn’t mean we need to go giving them awards 25 years later. Oooh, they’re soooo visionary man. Shut up. If the Spin Doctors get back together in 20 years and release an album should we give them the award in 2021? Who wins next year, Bread?

Come on, these two trolls don’t serve any purpose today but to drive arguments in bars about what is good music. I would venture to say that there isn’t anyone who is really into music who doesn’t run hot or cold on these guys. Sure, we all know people who say, ‘yeah, I like that one song’, but you know they don’t know what they’re talking about.

If you really like music you either give them a Grammy or you wish they’d just go back to their hole, and take that awful vocal sound with them.

Bottom line being anybody who cares about music feels strongly about them, great. But aren’t the Grammy’s supposed to be about a little more than that. Isn’t popularity and impact supposed to weigh in there somewhere? I’m sure [someone somewhere will] crow on and on about how that record has changed her life, but do you really think anybody will ever say, “man – that Steely Dan album from 2000 – that was it man. I heard that and everything changed.” Bah!

3 thoughts on “Come on, Steely Dan?”

  1. My friend, you are so right. Popularity is everything as far as the grammies go. It makes no sense that the work of idiots,ie Steely Dan,should be included with current heavy hitters like N’sync and Britney Spears. just kidding. your a pepsi generation tasteless fool. you can take that shit to the bank. heh

  2. Unfortunatly, Steely Dan has never been considered contemporary, and are easily some of the finest musicians who have ever been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not that they cared. If you ever stop by their website, you’ll notice they were nominated countless times, though always passed over, which is odd, seeing as how the now decomposing Eric Clapton has around 3 spots on in the Hall.

    I’ll admit the Dan’s music isnt for everyone. Its complex melodies, diverse song styles, esoteric lyrics and eclectic rythmes leave most people in the dust. Even the the most dedicated Dan Man will be turned off by their uber-jazz albums like Aja and Gaucho. Mostly, The Steely Dan sound is an acquired taste. A novice should not jump in to Katy Lied or even Countdown to Ecstasy, and ESPECIALLY not Two Against Nature. I truelly believe the only reason Fagen and Becker showed up to the Emmy’s was just to see the look on the faces of all those disillusioned young kids who think they’ll be Eminem when they’re 20, and Dr. Dre when they’re 30.

    If Eminem can win a grammy within the next 30 years, maybe I’ll be impressed. As it is, I’ll take my over-aged Beatnik poets named after a dildo in William Burroughs novel.

  3. You Steely Dan haters blow my mind! Of the many, many, music related Web sites on the Internet I felt for sure the folks here would appreciate the contibution and influence these guys had , and continue to have on fans and artists.

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