Fuck Viacom

Relating to the post directly below this one. . .

“We will do with the Internet what we did with cable”

—Sumner M. Redstone

Chairman of the Board & CEO, Viacom Inc.

Chairman of the Board & CEO, National Amusements Inc.

(In a radio commercial for the New York Stock Exchange)

That’s “Viacom” as in, to quote from its site: “the CBS Network, MTV Networks, BET, Showtime Networks, Infinity Broadcasting, TDI Worldwide and Infinity Outdoor, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Television, Paramount Parks, UPN, Blockbuster, Simon & Schuster, and theatrical exhibition operations in North America and abroad. The company’s Internet businesses include the MTVi Group, the CBS Internet Group, and Nickelodeon Online. Viacom also owns a half-interest in the Comedy Central cable channel.”

The “National Amusements” part is less well known. But as the “official” word has it: “National Amusements, Inc., a closely held corporation which operates approximately 1,300 motion picture screens in the U.S., the U.K., and South America, is the parent company of Viacom.”

Re-read the opening quote.

Watched TV lately?

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