I guess she is the devil after all

Wow. I found a site that puts Focus on the Family’s Plugged-In to shame. Fight the Good Fight reveals how “the most popular musicians from the 1950’s to 2000 have been and are being used as puppets by Satan and his fallen angels to increase man’s rebellion against God.” I can dig that, but even my girl, Britney? Well, I guess so. Who knew?

Keep music evil (image from unamerican.com)

Thanks to Plastic for uncovering this site.

4 thoughts on “I guess she is the devil after all”

  1. I knew that Jim Morrison sold himself to lucifer. It didn’t surprise me to see Keith Richard’s name was on their list. I wasn’t even shocked to see Christina Aguilera’s name in there. To my horror, though, I saw, just after Cream, that Creed made the list of bands that have signed pacts with the devil. And, oh no, even Bow Wow Wow sold out to the wicked one (and what a crapy deal that must have been. Talk about artists getting screwed by major labels).

    One scary thing is that John Lennon’s name is on the list, but Yoko’s isn’t! If they out Linda McCartney as a Satanist they’ll have more than just me to deal with. They’ll have a million tree hugging vegan freaks coming after them.



  2. Uh…so popular muscians before the 50’s are okay? Even Cab Calloway singing ‘Reefer Man’?

    And unpopular muscians (like, say, The Might Be Giants), are also Satan-free?

    Man, Jesus is confusing…

  3. How do we know that Jesus and Satan are not in cahoots? Maybe once a year Satan has a party and good music and hot pornstars. Are there pornstars in heaven? Why do you think that jesus made the deal in 1950.

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