In my ongoing quest to

In my ongoing quest to avoid supporting the Media Borg, I am hereby giving up listening to my favorite radio station, WDFN 1130AM, Detroit’s best sports talk station. I am doing this for one simple reason: The station is owned by Clear Channel Communications. I just can’t ignore this fact any longer, so I’m tuning out.

I encourage those of you who also oppose(d) the 1996 Telecommunications Act that eased the FCC’s restrictions on media ownership to do likewise and stop listening to Clear Channel-owned stations in your area.

Oh, and by the way, lest you think I’m a complete loony for thinking like this, go ahead and read this article on explaining how Clear Channel is blatantly defying the FCC, even in its diminished regulatory capacity, and screwing us all.

It’s no wonder that radio has a bland sameness to it nationwide—it really is programmed by one big corporation—explaining why a music lover like me (used to) listen to sports talk.

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  1. I read that article today too. Besides the ability to hike ad rates, Clear Channel can also control what we listen to, which makes for SHIT radio. What are the chances you’ll hear the latest from Clem Snide or Blackaliscious on a Clear Channel-owned station?

  2. Dude, you’re going to miss out on the $1 Million dollar holiday giveaway.Listen to participating stations to be the 500th nationwide caller to 1-866-525-9467, promoted by the station as 1-866-525-WINS, or another announced phone number, when prompted.

  3. Just another reason to turn off your radio and never turn it on again (except to listen to he occaisonal NPR while sitting at the drive-thru).

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