Kiss touring without Peter Criss

So Kiss is touring without Peter Criss (update: new link), and the new drummer is going to be wearing the makeup and costume of “the Cat.” Why should I care? Why does this seem so blasphemous to me? Peter Criss has deteriorated into an awful drummer who can barely lift his sticks anymore. And as my wife said last night as I was ranting about the audacity of Gene and Paul allowing some imposter to pose as the Cat, “People should fucking retire before they get disgusting.” She was referring to the entire band in general, and her words made me stop and realize that maybe I shouldn’t get so worked up over Kiss. Why should I care? Why does this seem so blasphemous?

I’ll tell you why. Because Peter Criss was my favorite Kiss member back when I was seven in the glory days of the Kiss Army, and this whole reunion tour is all about recapturing those wild times when men wore clown makeup (scary clown makeup) and platform shoes. Without Peter Criss, it’s all just a sham — demon Gene swindling thirty-somethings out of their money. But then again, maybe they all should have retired long ago, because if you’ve seen any of them lately without the makeup, they’re pretty fucking disgusting.

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  1. leave kiss alone ass hole. They don’t need you

    you gay bitch, so mfuck off. they are the still the greatest rock band EVER. And Peter is still one of the greatest drummers so respect that,

    oviously you don’t, so if I ever see you exspect an ass beatting fag, to you from my-self, and the kiss army.

  2. Just saw KISS at Comerica Park… Peter played GREAT drums- far better than 97….but I’ll give you he acted GAY… but he truly did sing “Beck”…I mean “beth” VERY well..

  3. It’s all about Gene $immon$ and his $$$$$. Why go through another hassle negotiating a million dollar deal with Peter, when he can call Eric Singer and offer a fraction of the money, with no hassle. Gene saves time and money.

    I hate it that Peter is no longer with the band, and Ace for that matter. Look at it, though. The farewell tour was the farewell tour. We’ll never see the original KISS again. Peter said it best on . They have turned a legendary band into a cover act. I personally will continue to go to their shows, and I’m glad I saw them 8 times, including the farewell show. Long live KISS, regardless of the line-up.

    Fan Since ’75

  4. peter criss was always my favorite member of the kiss lineup. ace being my second without them kiss doesnt mean shit to me im 42 years old my first lp ever bought was destroyer which i think i was 12 years old or so i just bought the kissology dvd sets and i just remember the good old days. nothing lasts forever you faggit jeremy.

  5. Kiss Rocks, they always have and they always will. But, having said that, Putting Eric Singer in Peter’s costume and make-up (and for that matter Tommy Thayer in Ace’s) is just plain WRONG! We can debate Eric’s vs Peter’s drumming skills (Both are very good, that’s why they are superstars and we ain’t) and Ace’s and Tommy’s playing (NO CONTEST: ACE RULES) forever. But The fact of the matter is Eric and Tommy are NOT Peter and Ace and for KISS to try and pass them off is bull! When Peter left in 1980 Eric Carr didn’t come in as “The Cat” so why should Eric Singer. Eric is a tremendous performer and deserves to be where he is, no doubt. But they should have made a new character for him, and the fact that they didn’t is more than just a little disapointing.

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