Mick Jagger - Goddess in the Doorway

Mediocre Mick

So I actually listened to the songs that Mick’s Web site is streaming from his new album, Goddess in the Doorway:

“Visions of Paradise”—Perhaps if Eddie Money had recorded this song in 1988 I might have liked it.

“Joy”—Would someone please just kill Bono?

“God Gave Me Everything”—At least this song rocks a bit. Would’ve been a nice inclusion on Steel Wheels.

“Don’t Call Me Up”—Cloying, but I like it. I can still buy Mick as a crooner. Isn’t that what old irrelevant rock stars are supposed to do, anyway? This song is good stuff; the perfect rock cliche of unrequited love turned to hate, hate that’s ultimately betrayed by feelings still unresolved. I love the way Mick says “Argen-ti-nah”, the Bon Jovi-esque guitar solo near the end, and the wonderful strings that Axl Rose only wished he could pull off with such finesse.

“Goddess in the Doorway”—Good beat, in the right Detroit techno hands it could make a dance remix as good as the Stones’ “Dance”. Why those hands would soil themselves with this album in the first place is another question.

“Too Far Gone”—Could have been a really cool song if it wasn’t so overproduced. Why is there an organ and strings in what should have been a nice stripped-down alt.country track bemoaning our fast-paced society? (Yes, Mick, you and your boys screwed up when you went disco instead of continuing to chase Gram’s Cosmic American vibe.) I still like the song, hope someone with more talented producers with better ears will record it someday.

Who knows what’s lurking in the tracks I didn’t hear, but I doubt it’d be enough to make this anything other than a middling record from someone who’s long ago given up the ghost of respectability. Jann Wenner, were he capable of it, should be embarrassed. If Lester Bangs were alive today, I think he’d need quite a bit of Romilar to get through this whole album.

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  1. I e-mailed this to the Rolling Stone Web editors today: “Under Jann Wenner’s review of Mick Jagger’s new album, in the space allotted for readers to post their own reviews, there is a link to ‘report abuse’. How’s about a similar link on Wenner’s review. If it isn’t a clear case of abusing one’s power, what is?”

  2. Damn, sab! Way to take one for the team! Thank god someone had the balls to actually listen to it – it only confirms what we all pretty much suspected: mediocre, retread-rock from someone way over the hill. And Jann Wenner is practically an illustration of the saying, “If you’re not part of the solution, etc”.

  3. I don’t care, i just don’t care. Yes i’ve heard those songs and no I refuse to let myself abuse and recriminate over Mick Jagger.He sang on Gimme Shelter! And Jumpin’ Jack Flash! Cynicism has just left the building.And anyways what do you expect from the man? An album of acoustic folk classics? Art-rock? Techno?I have a feeling that regardless of what Mick recorded he would have received the same response…thats just a hunch mind!

  4. Adrian, the songs you mention are thirty years old. What do we expect from the man? How about this: a few good songs performed honestly and passionately without attempting to pander to the clearly-retarded mainstream music product industry. In short, I want him to either make good art or shut the fuck up. Every album of tripe that he and the Stones release now waters down their legacy more and more. There is no question in the world that they were the greatest rock and roll band in the world between 1968 and 1974. Mick should take a cue from Johnny Cash and (arguably Neil Young, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen) about how to age gracefully as a rock and roller.

  5. If Mick has to take a cue from Leonard Cohen we wouldn’t see the fucker for a couple of years coz he’d be up some fucking mountain praying. Leonard Cohen?Micks doing what he likes to do- sing on some rock n roll tunes.By definition Mick is only too aware of the fact that rock n roll is a young persons game. Of course he knows it.It speaks volumes about his love of the music that hes still belting it out at his age.Its pointless pointing fingers at the “clearly retarded” music industry.Young people will always seek out good music and if rock n roll is not being bought it means the rock n roll just aint up to scratch.

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