Morton Downey, Jr. R.I.P.

So get this, Morton Downey Jr. is dead! Yep, lung cancer finally got him. I was a big fan of his in high school— proof that parents should regulate what their kids watch on TV. What I never knew about the Mouth was that he was the dude who wrote “Wipeout.” Freaking amazing. Remember the Fat Boys version?


Okay, I’m adding this little note because it has been confirmed that the people at Salon are freaking idiots. Morton Downey Jr. no more wrote “Wipeout” than I wrote “Burn Hollywood Burn”. But hey, their rumor-mongering got this piece of news into the mix here at GloNo, so what the hey. If you want more details on this one, read the comments.

2 thoughts on “Morton Downey, Jr. R.I.P.”

  1. Morton was present at the studio when another surf song was put together called “Pipeline” he claimed he co-wrote it (sure) and Rick Derringer brought this up on Mortons talkshow one time.Ttue or not I saw them make this claim od course we all know Buddy Ebson played tambourine on The “White Album” too.

  2. “Pipeline” by the Chantays was initially released on the Downey record label, before going on to Dot. Pressings on Downey are worth a bit of change.

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