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First News of the New Album; lineup change

The next Wilco record is currently scheduled for release on July 10. The working title is “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” and it will be on Reprise Records. The band will begin mixing the 20 or so recorded songs in April at which point they’ll begin the process of editing it down to the 12-15 that will likely end up on the record. As many of you have no doubt heard, Wilco also have a new drummer. His name is Glenn Kotche — he’s a Chicago guy who’s recorded and/or toured with the likes of Jim O’Rourke, Paul K. & the Weathermen, Edith Frost, and many others. He’s performed with Jeff a couple of times in the past — most recently at the Abbey Pub. He also worked with Tweedy on the soundtrack to the forthcoming film “Chelsea Walls”. The departure of Ken Coomer’s was quite sad for us all but everybody in the Wilco camp is now really excited about the way the band and the record are sounding with Kotche. More about all of this soon.

I wonder how much we’ll miss Ken Coomer. He was a great drummer and really contributed to the Wilco sound. Drummers are fussy though, right?

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