Please help me find an address for the king of the UN

This doesn’t have anything to do with music, but I recently received this email from a friend of mine, and I felt the need to share it with you. I certainly don’t advocate this kind of “Send this to ten of your friends” message, but this is a special exception. My friend has given permission to publish this here but has asked me to change his name, which I did.


Dear Friends,

I am not into politics and whatnot but it seems that most of you are and should be commended for it. Since you are, however, I have a few questions that you could perhaps help me get answers to. I am interested in writing a letter to the leader of the UN (King/Prince/Commissioner I don’t know his title) to find their schedule for the year 2002. Reason being, I thought that maybe after they are done setting up a multi-ethnic government in Afghanistan they could perhaps come to the United States and help US set up a multi-ethnic government. I figure, if they can work their magic in a place like Afghanistan, what with the centuries of warring tribes and whatnot, they could surely do the same with the United States where people are, on the surface at least, a little bit calmer (or maybe they just don’t LOOK as crazy). Anyhoo, I don’t know the fella’s name that runs the UN. The old guy had double first names, being a foreigner and all. Could you imagine, Paul Paul Stanley? WOW!! I’ve seen the new guy’s picture and he has a graying beard. If you could tell me how to get in touch with him I would appreciate it. If he is anything like me (and we’re all more alike than different) then he likes to make lists for himself (gotta have goals). I would just like to talk to him to see if we can’t get on his list and whether they will have the time help us out next year. Perhaps if I made a internet chain letter where it had some sort of form letter and everyone added their address and social security number as they received it and that stuff about how bad luck (or at least no multi-ethnic government) will come if they don’t pass it on to 10 friends. This could show the King of the UN that it’s not only me that wants the UN to help the U.S. So political/computer savvy friends, I would appreciate your advice.


Paul Stanley [not his real name – ed.]

Please add a comment if you agree with this (address and social security number are optional, of course…).

3 thoughts on “Please help me find an address for the king of the UN”

  1. Let’s see:The executive branch decides to forgo the constitution and detain thousands of people indefinately, refuse access to a lawyer, evesdrop on their conversations if they do get a lawyer. Once detained they decide there’s no reason to have to charge them. They will be tried in secret military courts!The executive branch has made up a list of 5000 men of color and islamic association which they now want to “question, detain and interrogate”.The public’s explanation of the executive branch’s plan is to “fight evil”.The Legislative branch is busy kickin’ out huge freebee’s to the airline industry and oil and gas producers, while the working class is quickly reintroduced to the fact that over the past 20 years their rights as workers have been pissed away. The legislative branch is also in panic and locked out of their offices under threat of anthrax. (Funny how there is no talk of why the only targets of antrax in the capitol have been senior Democrats???????)The Judicial Branch……well, the judicial branch is still screwing with microsoft. The public…..they’re all sheep! They beat-up Indians and Jews, spit on people who won’t fly the flag from their car antenae and tune in to listen to listen to Rush, CNN and yet another patriotic country music song.Didn’t we fight a war back in the 1700s because this kind of shit was going on? I thought that my grandpa spent went to war against people called fascists cause they did these things. I remember Ronald Regan calling the Soviet Union an evil empire because they locked up people for no reason and without a trial. Am I missing something?

  2. You forgot to mention that Hollywood just met with Congress to “brainstorm” how they can best make patriotic entertainment (this while Harry Potter is on the front page of every newspaper in the U.S.) Oh and what about Ashcroft deciding that States have no right to self-govern, even when the citizens of that state pass ballot measures?

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