Please stop flying into buildings

Please stop flying into buildings

God help us. I get into work today to find a group of people staring at the television. Just as I realize that the smoking building is the World Trade Center, I see a plane fly right into the second tower and explode. Live on tv.

All the major news websites are totally down right now. Either overwhelmed or just plain off. This is fucked up.

6 thoughts on “Please stop flying into buildings”

  1. I can’t get any radio reception in this hell hole of an office. I can’t get any info. Anyone know of a decent news Net radio?

  2. For the first time since I was a kid, I sincerely fear for the immediate future of the world.I am, however, glad that Chicago has been left unscarred.Be safe, everyone. God be with you.

  3. And 6 years later the world is less stable, Bin Laden still is a free man, Al Quida got a major recruitment surge courtesy of the Iraq war, the NSA is spying on US citizens, Halliburton has made a killing and King George wipes his ass with the constitution.

    Mission accomplished, assholes.


    “They never ask us if we want a war.

    Who do they think they’re talkin’ for?

    Cos we never get no say

    They have to have it all their way.”

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