Potentially Scary News for Liz Phair Fans

Pitchfork is reporting that Michael Penn is producing Liz Phair’s upcoming new album. This fact by itself isn’t a total disappointment, since I like what I’ve heard of what he’s done with Aimee Mann, and I don’t totally hate the sound of the Wallflowers’ album Breach, which he produced. We’ll see. Pitchfork adds (in their typically snarky fashion — but who are we to talk?),

While she was at it, she also decided to co-write some material with Gary Clark of the band Danny Wilson, who has recently worked with such leading ladies of artistic vision as Natalie Imbruglia and Vitamin C. And, being on a roll, she figured she might as well also bring aboard Pete Yorn, the man currently filling the pop culture void left by Shawn Mullins’ slip into obscurity.

I think I might be the only person in America who fondly remembers Danny Wilson’s chipper little song “Second Summer of Love” from 1989. Whatever though. We’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope Liz’s new album doesn’t turn out to be the complete schlockfest that Capitol Records would love for her to release.

Regardless, she still looks great in her underpants.

11 thoughts on “Potentially Scary News for Liz Phair Fans”

  1. I was just trying to post this on the message board earlier, but I ran out of time and had to go to the bathroom, then I had to eat lunch, then I had to check out theforce.net……It is scary news. A shiver ran down my spine. But hey, we can’t all stay 21 forever. Even sab sold out years ago!

  2. To: JakeRe: Danny WilsonI may be the only person in America who will admit to owning both “Meet Danny Wilson” and “Be Bop Mop Top”–and to even listening to them on occasion.To: sabRe: Sell outI hear Bausch & Lomb is looking. . .

  3. It’s actually not that exciting, it’s just that gsv was once my boss… Not only did I regularly tell him to fuck off, but I also threatened to kill the owner of our company.Let the legend grow beforeI go off to work for Bausch & Lomb and invent the dope pipe with built-in Visine.

  4. My feeling with the first Liz album was that I wanted to share it with the entire universe – as though she would be able to make a lame world more cool just by the force of her talent. Sadly, evidence is mounting that this theory never works – rather, the cool talent gets de-cooled by broader appreciation and its inevitable compromises. Sad. Who will crack this evil paradox? Maybe Jill Scott? (crossing fingers)

  5. Yes, before there was the kinder, gentler sab, he was–and I know that this will be hard to believe–my irascible colleague. I suppose I should ascribe his now sunny good nature to the fact that he no longer has to walk into my office and witness my basilisk-style stare.And yes, he did tell me to fuck off on more than one occasion, and no, I didn’t fire him.Fortunately for him, I figured that he is a hell of a writer, and given that we had a magazine to produce, better an ill-tempered, unkempt, talent than a mope to get things done.You know, it probably is a Dilbert daydream come true, except that whereas Dilbert has a cubicle, sab, for a good portion of his tenure, sort of sat out in the open, which meant that he either (a) had no office or (b) had the biggest office.Now, of course, those dark days are behind him. And he’ll still tell me to fuck off.

  6. OK just read the flashback. Can we just all agree to ignore her? Seriously, no more debating her. There’s no turning back- the damage is done.

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