Six Degrees of the Bay City Rollers

The folks over on the Bomp! List have been playing a fun new game. The idea is to get from one band to another completely different band in as few steps as possible.

The rules:

1) Pick two somewhat popular but fairly unrelated bands.

2) Go to and type in the name of one of them.

3) Using only the ‘Similar Artists’ link, find your way to the second artist.

I attempted to go from the Sonics to NWA but after about 1,000 clicks only made it to Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and MC Ren. Let us know how you did!

2 thoughts on “Six Degrees of the Bay City Rollers”

  1. Here was my path: Sonics -> Trashmen -> ? & the Mysterians -> Cynics -> The Basement Wall -> The Fantastic Deejays -> The La-De-Da’s -> 13th Floor Elevators -> H.P. Lovecraft -> The Downliners Sect -> The Rolling Stones -> The Black Crowes -> Primal Scream -> The Chemical Brothers -> Fatboy Slim -> The Prodigy -> Meat Beat Manifesto -> The KLF -> The Art of Noise -> Mantronix -> Ice-T -> Ice Cube/Dr. Dre/MC Ren.

    Someone else later showed me that to get to Cube, I could have just gone: Sonics -> Paul Revere & the Raiders -> Rolling Stones ->

    Aerosmith -> Run DMC -> Ice Cube

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