Songs for Big Dame Hunters

Since I’ve already gotten into a knockdown dragout discussion of the essential integrity of vinyl records with Phil Wise and Jake Brown of the crew, I know this little posting culled from the linkmastas at will be of interest to at least two of our frequent readers. One of the points made while the boys had me on the floor in a sleeper hold was that LPs are worth collecting just for the cover art. If that’s the case, then Show and Tell Music (Evel Knievel’s spoken word album, or Laussmann’s Lousy Loggers Band, or The Plastic Cow Goes Moooooog. If you don’t have time to browse endless thumbnails (a little too tiny for my taste), take one of the theme tours — some of the covers in the Girls section could easily replace Herp Alpert in my Desert Island Discs.

5 thoughts on “Songs for Big Dame Hunters”

  1. “Spectacular Accordions” has one of the most disturbing covers I’ve ever seen. Back when people were concerned about the distorting effects of that “wild rock-n-roll NOISE!” on impressionable teens, they should have been in a complete state of panic as a result of photos like that one. Yikes!

  2. I had to download the Spectacular Accordions cover for a friend. Super freaky!

    The Country Moog Album looks like it’s full of top hits.

    As with most of this stuff, I don’t necessarily want to have these albums, but I’m grinning over the fact that they exist, and that somebody is taking care of it.

  3. Oh man, that’s good stuff!

    It makes me want to put on my fez and a devil suit and do the mamba in front of Pat Robertson’s house!

    The ‘Rites Of Diablo’ cover is too sweet for words and it MUST be made into a t-shirt! Christ, it’s a hoot! This is what the internet is all about – where else could you see a collection like this? If only he had mp3’s to download…

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