Adios, Carlos

While Carlos Santana garnered a whole new category of listeners thanks to the exceedingly popular Supernatural recording of 1999, we’ve got to think that it may be over for him, once again. This prediction is based on the news that he is participating in the “Acura Presents Santana Tour,” which includes 12 performances during a two-month period. (No, this isn’t a case of it taking two months to hit 12 venues, but it will be some in August, some in October.)

Acura makes awfully good cars. Of that, there can be little question, so the association isn’t shaky. And while the notion of corporate entities backing tours has been slogged on this site many times, that’s not why I suspect he’ll soon be back listened to mainly by the long-standing stalwarts (as distinct from that entire Gap-clad cadre that “found” him), either.

It’s simply this: last year’s “Acura Presents” Tour featured Paul Simon. The year before that it was John Fogerty. (See a demographic pattern here?) And when is the last time you hear anything from either of those two, unless it was on a “classics” station (or turntable)?

Perhaps this is Acura’s version of the Sports Illustrated jinx.

4 thoughts on “Adios, Carlos”

  1. This article surprises me. The only thing that “may be over for him” is his recent commercial success. Since when did this site pay any attention to commercial success?

  2. GLONO has always paid attention to commercial success. It’s fascinating. Commercial success is certainly not the barometer of what’s good, but the trends in the biz are really interesting. How long will Britney be on top? How does file sharing affect record sales? How many millions of retards are going to buy the Nelly album this week? Will Wilco make the Billboard charts? These are all questions about commercial success, and they’ve all been asked on Glorious Noise (or at least some of them have).But really, it’s been over for Santana, in my opinion, for a long time. Way before he had that album that sold a bazillion copies with that guy from that really bad band singing that song with the wet people in the video.

  3. Jake,What is your beef with Nelly? Is is cuz KRS-One is sore at him? You haver a beef with breath-rite strips? I have a sneaking suspicion that it is simply due to the fact that yo butt gettin’ big. pe

  4. Paul Simon, Santana and John Fogerty. Id go see that show. maybe they all just felt like getting out and playing a few shows without needing a heart lung machine. I doubt It was Money. Except for Fogerty maybe and i think he’s ok.

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